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02/21/2018Reetha Van Auken Esther Ch. 5
Wednesday evening Esther 5:1-8
Reetha continues leading her study in the book of Esther, now beginning in chapter 5. After Esther had decided in her heart and mind to fully follow the instructions that her uncle Mordacai had given her, she and her maids fasted for three days. Mordacai and the jews also fasted this same time, all seeking the face of God at this very trying time. Through insightful planning, Esther seeks an audience with the King, risking her own life to save her people, the Jews. She plans a banquet for the King Xerxes, and also for Haman, and we begin to see the hand of God continuing to move in several lives and setting up God's plans. Again, it has been said that we should pray as if it all depended on God, and act as if it all depended on us. Additional scriptures: Heb. 4:16; Rev.4:1,2,11; Eph. 6:13; Rom.5:1,2
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02/18/2018Pastor Greg Bowden "What is Your Yellow Cat? (or Dog?)
Sunday 1 Kings 17:1
Annointed preacher Greg Bowden asks the title question relating to where are our real priorities. Additional verses from 1 Kings chapter 17 are:10,11;13-16;20-23. What's holding you back from fully trusting in the Lord, right now? The great prophet, Elijah, was a person just like us. However, God did extroadinary miracles using Elijah. The point being that it was these great accomplishments were a direct result of the relationship that Elijah had developed with God day by day, month by month, year after year. This daily relationship is available to all of us, and God is always waiting for us to seek His face from the moment we awaken until the moment we go to sleep. God spoke to Elijah in a still small voice, confronting his emotions and expected some action.Elijah's lonliness was based on his ignorance, as God told him he had 7,000 others in Israel who were still faithful to Him. Even today, God speaks through the gentle and obvious rather than the spectacular and unusual. God has work for us to do even when we feel fear and failure. Although we might wish to do amazing miracles for God, we should instead focus on developing a relationship with Him. The real miracle of Elijah's life was his very personal relationship with God. And that miracle is also available to us who believe.
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02/14/2018Reetha Van Auken Esther ch 4
Wednesday evening Esther ch. 4:13-17
In this continuation of chapter 4, we see the faith in action of Mordacai and Esther in action. Mordacai standing in the gap for the people of God, dressed in sackcloth and ashes representing repentenance and humility and a complete surrender to God. Esther's realization that her faith will require her to act by caalling a fast of God's people for 3 days, and her subsequent audience with the king, even though that would put her in a position of possibly her death. God, as we know, was always in control, but it required Esther and Mordacai to act on their faith in God. It has been said that ' We should pray as if all depended on God, and act as if all depended on us."
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02/11/2018Pastor Ken Lichter Are You an Involved or Committed Christian?
Sunday Luke 9:23-25
Pastor Ken asks the question today, "How much is your life worth?" He states, " A person unafraid to die is dangerous." Are you a dangerous person - in a positive manner - in regard to living out your life in full obedience and trust in the Lord Jesus? The difference between 'involvement' and 'committment' is like ham & eggs. The chicken is involved, but the pig was committed" As committed Christians, we should 'spend' ourselves in service towards others every day. Phillipians 2:3-8; Galatians 2:20; Acts 5:14
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02/11/2018Pastor Ken Lichter "Embrace the Cross" - Song Duet
Sunday Galatians 2:20
Sung by Pastor Ken Lichter and Mark Beauvois
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02/07/2018Reetha Van Auken Book of Esther chapter 4
Wednesday evening Esther 4:1-13
Our study in the Book of Esther continues with the first 13 verses of chapter 4. Bible teacher Reetha shares some good insight into these verses, and again, we see how God is moving in the hearts of His people, especially Esther and Modacai. God had called them to a unique task in their lives, and for them it was for 'such a time as this." Other scripture references include: Deut. 25:18; Exodus 17:16; Proverbs 16:33; 1 Cor. 15:31; Gal. 2:20; James 4:7-10
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