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08/13/2017Pastor Greg Bowden God's Call, Our Need
Sunday John 14:6
Pastor Greg asks: "Who are you this morning?" God wants an army of believers, an elite group of soldiers- 'special forces' - to serve Him and obey His commands and magnify Him." Scriptures: Jer. 1:5,7; Is. 6:8; John 6:44; 2 Tim. 1:12; Matt. 22:14; Phil 4:13; Is. 40:31; Prov. 3:5,6; 1 Cor. 12:25; Eph 6:11. Pastor Greg quotes John Piper's '10 Things Yahweh Means." Listen in and find out more! Here is a link to this:
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07/23/2017Pastor Ken Lichter Living Our Life for the Lord - Part 2
Sunday Hebrews ch 11:23-27
Pastor Ken continues his message subject from the previous week regarding the basics of life. Entitled, ' Deciding Life's Key Issues': 1. I must define my identity 2. I must accept my responsibility 3. I must determine my priorities 4. I must choose my authority Pastor Ken tells us that 'Nobody can ruin your life but you. You are as close to God as you choose to be.' And, ' Your values are determined by your vision". Additional Scriptures referenced: Luke 12:15-20; Romans 10:12; Matthew 6:24; Psalm 139
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07/30/2017Pastor Ken Lichter Living Our Lives for Our Lord - Through Relationships
Sunday John 17:4
Jesus is our best example, as He was able to accomplish everything that the Father had given Him to do. 1 Cor.13:1; 4-8a; Pastor Ken shares with us Three Guiding Principles 1. Pay the price to VALUE others. Mark 12:28-31; Phil 2:3; John13:34; Luke 6:36,36 2. Seek the strength to LOVE others 1 John 4:19 - we need to draw upon the Lord's strength 3. Watch the way we TREAT others Remember the 'Golden Rule" see Matthew 7:12; Phil. 2:1-4; 1 John 4:11
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08/06/2017Pastor Ken Lichter Living Our Lives for the Lord
Sunday Acts 20:22-24
Pastor Ken continues this theme with, 'Our life mission in the world' 1. What is my mission on the earth - Acts 1:8; Romans 1:5 2. Why is my mission important? a.) I've been given a LIFE SAVING message. Matt. 9:36,37; Rom. 1:16 b.) Because people are desparate to hear it 3.) How can I fulfill my mission? a.) Doing quality work Col. 3:17 b.) Maintaining a positive attitude Phil. 2:14,15 c.) Talk to others about the Good News Col. 4:4-5
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08/02/2017Reetha VanAuken The Armor of God - Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
Wednesday evening Ephesians 6:15
Bible teacher Reetha continues on teaching about putting on the armor of God, this week concentrating on having our feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace. We need always to be ready to present the Gospel of Peace to a wary world. Having our feet fitted is a very personal aspect our Father takes personal concern making sure that each one of us has His personal touch in our lives. These 'spiritual shoes' give us a sure foundation on which to stand as we present the Gospel of peace. Additional scriptures referenced: Jude 24; Jeremiah 2:19; John 14:27;
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07/19/2017Reetha VanAuken The Belt of Truth
Wednesday evening Ephesians 6:14
Bible teacher Reetha continues study of the armor of God as described in Eph.. chapter 6. Teaching and discussion centers of the spititual meaning and purpose of the belt of truth. additional scripture references used: Genesis 2:16;3:1-6; John 14:6; and Heb. 13:8 'Truth doesn't change, move, or bend."
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