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02/11/2018Ken Lichter & Mark Beauvois "Embrace the Cross" - Song Duet
Sunday Galatians 2:20
Sung by Pastor Ken Lichter and Mark Beauvois
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01/06/2019Pastor Ken Lichter "Go Until You Know"
Sunday 1 Samuel 14:6-14
Pastor Ken preaches and teaches another inspiration message from God, teaching us about the Characteristics of Leadership. The focus is on Jonathan in the Old Testament, " we have to know what we don't know, live before we die, and die before we live." Listen in and study intently what Pastor is teaching here. As true Christians, we step out in faith by trusting in God and His Word, led by His Holy Spirit. Listen in and discover what is meant by this statement: "Go until a No."
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01/20/2019Pastor Ken Lichter "What Are the Righteous to do During Today's Trying Times?"
Sunday Selected Scriptures
"Pastor Ken states that the true church of jesus Christ will always remain, even after things are shaken up in this world. Psalm 11:3 Pastor shares six (6) points on this subject: 1. We need to NEVER Fear the wrath of God. 1 Thessalonians 5:9; John 3:36; Ephesians 5:5,6; Romans 5:8,9 2. God has given His people a Hiding Place. Isaiah 26:20, 21a; Isaiah 26:9b,11. 3. Find a Place of Comfort during Volatile Times. Psalm 57:1; Psalm 63:6-8; Isaiah 26:3 4. Quench the Fiery darts of the enemy (satan). Eph 6:10-12,16 Psalm 11:2 5. You will face satan's fiery arrows. No matter how long we've been with Christ, we will be attacked by satan. An example of this is that satan will remind us of our past failures. 1 Peter 4:12,13; 1 Corinthians 10:13; Ephesians 6:16. 6. When the enemy comes in like a flood, then we need to speak God's promises. James 4:7
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01/23/2019Reetha VanAuken Abram - Father of All Nations
Wednesday evening Genesis 12:1-4
Bible teacher, Reetha, discusses Abram and the promise of God to him. We see in Genesis that the call of God came to him in a city called of Ur, at that time in the land of the Chaldees, Mesopotamia. Its ruins are approximately midway between the modern city of Baghdâd, Iraq, and the head of the Persian Gulf, south of the Euphrates River, on the edge of the Al ajarah Desert. The site of Ur is known today as Tall al Muqayyar, Iraq. Reetha uses several scriptures to teach about Abram's faith, and how God has blessed all nations through him because Abram trusted solely in God (no idols). This is a very interesting teaching, and you will want to have your own Bible handy for this study. Other associated scriptures: Ex. 10:3,11,13; 4:14 Luke 9:23,25; And in Hebrews 10:14, Reetha touches upon a dynamic truth for all Christians. This verse would be in the present progressive tense, and shows us how God sees us as a 'finished product', complete in Him, but yet as we belong to Him, this process of our lives is 'currently under construction'.
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01/09/2019Pastor Ken Lichter Deborah (Debbie) Stevens Memorial Service
Wednesday evening
This special memorial service for our special sister in Jesus, Debbie Stevens, was recorded in its entirety Officiating: Pastor Ken Lichter. Debbie was born on March 20, 1953, and passed on to be with her Savior, Jesus, on December 9, 2018. Like our sister, Debbie, all born again Christians experience sorrow at the loss of a loves one, but we also have a SURE Hope, that we will see our loved ones again, and that for eternity with our loving Savior, Jesus, the Christ.
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01/12/2019Floyd Hoover Floyd Hoover's Testimony
Men's meeting
Floyd Hoover shared his personal testimony with the men, and Robert Arroyo talked to us about "Soap". Haha, actually, that is an acronym for " Scripture Observe Apply Pray, which is a a Bible study reading plan that allows you to read the entire New Testament in one year. Listen and learn...
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